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Icarus – Steal The Sun EP

Release Date: Out Now + FREE DOWNLOAD

Very little information has been released on the new bristol-based production outfit “Icarus”. They debuted their first EP on OWSLA yesterday featuring unique sounds and textures unlike anything we’ve ever heard before. Here’s what they had to say about the free release:

“We wanted to make sure that our first release demonstrated diversity, while at the same time sounding whole. We also wanted our tracks to be capable of keeping a listener hooked, be it in a club or on the tube. When writing the EP, our inspiration came from many different places and we worked hard on refining each track to flow smoothly from start to finish. Striking a balance between coherence and the unexpected is what excites us when writing music, and we feel that we’ve achieved that with this release.” -Icarus

Nest members can download the Steal The Sun EP from Icarus [HERE]

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