j majik & wickaman lift me up ft. kate loveridge

J Majik & Wickaman – Lift Me Up ft. Kate Loveridge

Release Date: Out Now on Infrared Music

If you have even a passing interest in drum & bass, or electronic music in general for that matter, you will already be well acquainted with J Majik & Wickaman. During a career that has spanned over a decade, countless genre-defining records, a worldwide touring schedule and even chart success, the duo have written their names indelibly on to the DNA of British dance music. Five years on from the release of their seminal debut album ‘Crazy World’, the production pairing are now ready to unleash their eagerly anticipated sophomore effort ‘Out Of Sight’ via their own InfraRed Music imprint.

Having kept themselves busy in the interim period crafting a slew of new singles, delivering standout remixes for the likes of deadmau5, Groove Armada and Above & Beyond and touring week in week out, all of this feeds into their new record, a visceral and electric culmination of five years hard work finally to be unleashed upon the world. Spanning tempos and moods ‘Out Of Sight’ is the sound of a duo reveling in music without boundaries.

Across the eleven tracks on the album, a combination of new productions and unique collaborations are brought together to create the full picture of ‘Out Of Sight’. The selection of solo productions on offer runs the gamut of sounds available on the album in all its diversity. Whether it’s the futuristic computer funk of ‘Dream Box’, the yearning ‘Apocalypse’ or old-skool jungle core of ‘Spirit’, each track affords a new angle through which to appreciate J Majik and Wickaman’s productions. Launched by its shimmering chords and searching vocal samples, ‘Fight It’ evolves into a rolling fusion of jungle-inflected breaks and a rounded, elastic bassline, while ‘Blazin’ brings those characteristics into sharp focus, bringing a harder edge.

The duo link up with singer Kate Loveridge on a number of tracks that thread through the album, from the soulful flavor of album opener ‘Right Now’ to the rock-inflected drama of ‘Believe’ via hot-stepper ‘Lift Me Up’. Meanwhile Dee Freer lends her rich vocals to the title track, a towering dubstep anthem, and Keri Greenaway features on the rave euphoria of ‘Memories. The duo also team up with like-minded producer Sudden Def on ‘Mike TV’, a snarling beast of a tune.

The landscape of electronic music in 2013 is very different to when they released their debut album in 2008. J Majik & Wickaman have risen to the challenge. ‘Out Of Sight’ showcases two vets at the top of their game, channeling their production experience into the sound of tomorrow.

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    1. Right Now ft. Kate Loveridge
    2. Spirit ft. Kate Loveridge
    3. Out Of Sight ft. Dee Freer
    4. Memories ft. Keri Greenaway
    5. Lift Me Up ft. Kate Loveridge
    6. Dream Box
    7. Mike TV w/ Sudden Def
    8. Believe ft. Kate Loveridge
    9. Fight It
    10. Blazin
    11. Apocalypse